Bristol Lutheran Church

"Inspired by the Gospel, we love and serve creation 

through our Christ-centered community."


A Steward’s Prayer

O Lord, we pray that as we be,

People of God chosen by thee,

That you give us strength and guidance every day,

For our role as stewards to portray

That our voice and works may proclaim,

The ministry of Christ is our aim.

That our actions will speak louder than what we say,

Where the security in our life is God’s way.

That we generously respond to what you first gave,

Your Son, a Savior, our lives to save.

And when we have decisions to make,

To thee, O Lord, our prayers we take.

Keith A. Mundy, 1998

"Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." - Jesus

The Stewardship Committee's purpose is to educate, encourage, and expand Christian growth in stewardship of time, abilities, and money.  We focus on a life of stewardship throughout the year and hope that our lives of giving reflect our lives of faith.  

If you are interested in more Stewardship info - Simply (electronic) Giving, Time and Talent forms, offering envelopes, give us a call!
God doesn't need our money.
God doesn't need our time.
God doesn't need our talents.


God's work does.
As stewards of God's mission, His earth, and His people, we can consider  our Stewardship Life and Values, and our readiness for providing for our church, mission, and earth. Attached is a link to a survey for you to consider your readiness.