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I'm not a fan of Halloween.  Really.  Lindsay and I 'fight' about who has to stay at home and hand out candy.  And who has to go trick or treating to the houses in the  neighborhood.  Both of us are home bodies, and would rather curl up with a book or a movie and popcorn than interact with hordes of kids.  

This year, we took the same approach - but switched halfway through.  As I walked around our neighborhood, I enjoyed the time with Anya.  We met 4 or 5 of her Kindergarten classmates.  We talked with neighbbors that we don't see all the time.  (And maybe that is what Halloween is really about!)

When kids came to the door, part of me still felt this was a waste of time - giving out candy to kids dressed up in costumes.  But, I joked with them.  Talked to them (briefly.) I hoped they felt valued and apprecaited.  Asking candy from strangers is a lot of work!

We don't get a lot of time for intergernational interactions.  At church, is one place.  (Halloween is another!) But we are ALL SAINTS together, young to old, parent, grandparent, child.  Loved, valued, appreciated, in God's kingdom.  Every day of the year.  

I hope the same thing that happened at our doors on Halloween, continues to happen in our churches.  The respect, apprecaited, and value that we can show to our kids - no matter if they are 'scary monsters' or 'precious princesses.' We still spoil them with God's grace. 

Love and Peace, Pastor Rick


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