Bristol Lutheran 

"Inspired by the Gospel, we love and serve creation 

through our Christ-centered community."


"Stewardship is everything you do after you say 'I believe!'" - Unknown
"Every dollar, minute, and talent given to the church - is used for mission!" - Unkown
"Money has only one purpose in the church - to make disciples." - Clif Christopher
"Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." - Jesus

Our purpose is to educate, encourage, and expand Christian growth in stewardship of time, abilities, and money.  We focus on a life of stewardship throughout the year and hope that our lives of giving reflect our live of faith.  

If you are interested in more Stewardship info - Simply (electronic) Giving, Time and Talent forms, offering envelopes, give us a call!
God doesn't need our money.
God doesn't need our time.
God doesn't need our talents.


God's work does.

The Stewardship team truly sees the blessings of this congregation of faithful stewards and the commitments given to support our church in our time, talents, and financial gifts.

Remember that what we give is not about paying bills or meeting a budget or even salaries.  Our financial giving is for God's mission.  Our time is for God's mission.  Our sharing of talent is for God's mission.