Bristol Lutheran 

"Inspired by the Gospel, we love and serve creation 

through our Christ-centered community."

Christian Care

Care in and among the community is an essential part of what we do as the church.  We care not only for members, but for family, friends, neighbors, and strangers across the globe.  Let us share our burdens with one another, and help each other along the way.


The Befrienders mission statement is: “As Befrienders we believe that caring is an essential part of the church’s ministry.” Bristol’s purpose is, “to follow Christ’s command to befriend the most vulnerable among us.” We are available to listen, visit, bring communion from Sunday worship, help in emergencies, and provide support. Communicate with us as to your needs and we will help connect you with the
appropriate person.
If you are interested (or in need of) this ministry please contact Pastor Rick.

Prayer Shawl

These shawls are distributed to our home bound, hospitalized, sick, or any friends of ours in need.  They are a great tangible way to surround someone with the warmth and support of our community.  If you know of someone who needs a shawl, talk to us.  We would love for you to deliver one!  
Prayer Chain

Prayer Chain is a ministry prayer group that supports and cares for others through prayer.  If you have prayer concerns or would like to be part of the email prayer chain list, please contact us.  Our Prayer Chain coordinator is Sandy Junkeris.