Bristol Lutheran Church

"Inspired by the Gospel, we love and serve creation 

through our Christ-centered community."


From the Pastor's Desk

Greetings to all!!

We are heading into the season of Epiphany and the time after Epiphany. A recourse that we use here in the church office called Sunday and Seasons says this about Epiphany, “Today and in the Sundays following we celebrate the in-breaking of God’s light. The readings help us understand that the manifestation of God is for all people everywhere. This is a message of radical inclusively. The magi are drawn from the east to come to pay homage to the Christ child. They who were once far off are now embraced by the one true God, who has sent a Savior into the world. Likewise, Paul reports in Ephesians that he has been given grace to “bring to the Gentiles the news of the boundless riches of Christ” (Eph. 3:8). Just as Isaiah had foretold, nations shall come to God’s light (Isa. 60:3).”

As I think of what it means to be “radically inclusive” and to “bring the Good News of Christ to everyone, I thank God for you all. We are an Affirming community of faith, who welcomes all people to worship and hear the gospels saving message of Jesus Christ forgiveness which frees us to serve our community and each other. I have witnessed this here at Bristol church as we are doing some wonderful ministry.


We are a welcoming church!

We have wonderful people who make this church a place of warmth and welcome to all who come through our doors. I am told over and over by people who have visited that the number one thing they loved about our church was the sincere welcoming they received.

We have reinvision our Sunday School Sparks children and confirmation ministry.

I asked, and many responded to step up and give of their time and love for our children. Our volunteers are dedicated and have answered their call and use their gifts from God to love and serve our children. Thanks be to God!

We continue our 10am Bible study on Wednesdays:

All are welcome to join as we look at the upcoming scripture for Sunday and discuss what they meant then and how they impact our lives now.


Music Ministry:

We have outstanding music hear at Bristol, from piano to organ, from electric guitar to trombone and recorder. Not to leave out our amazing choir. Everyone giving so much each week to share the Gospel in music!

Befrienders Ministry:

This is a group of people who answer Gods call to minister to those who are home bound. This is a beautiful ministry that brings our church to those who are unable to leave their home, a true blessing for those being cared for and for the care givers.

Other ministries:

We continue to have a strong commitment to our community through:

  • Quilters who spend many hours for those in need.
  • Prayer shawl ministry.
  • The Sun Prairie food pantry.
  • Sunshine supper where we supply and serve those who need a meal.
  • Camp Tuesday where we supply a meal for the children.
  • The Norwegian bake sale, profits to help those in need outside our church.
  • Other ministries blessed by this church.


As you can see many are giving of their time and money to serve God, the church and our community. What a blessing and a gift from God and I thank you all so very much!!

As we continue in these ministries. My hope for the next year is that we can spend time visioning what and who we are as a church moving forward.

We have been gifted a Casavant pipe Organ

We are in the process of reimagining what are worship space will look like as we hope to make our space welcoming inviting for those new to our congregation that may or may not look like us. As we journey through this process, know that no one person or small group of people will push their agenda. We are a community and we do this together. It will take compromise and not everyone will have it the exact way they hope, but we must keep Christ at the center of our discussions, knowing it is Christ who we worship. We do not worship organs or statues or furniture, our trust is always in Christ Jesus, who loves us and gives us gifts thought the Holy Spirit to use our Worship space to love God and serve the people.

New ministries:

How is God calling you? Where do you see a need our church could fill? Let’s be in conversation. Here are a few things that have been brought up to me:

Singles ministry.

Young adult ministry.

Parenting groups.

Youth mission trips.

Event ministry:

I love the hope these kinds of discussion bring. Instead of looking for reasons we can’t do ministry let’s look for ways we can!

As we begin this New Year, we celebrate God is with us, the in-breaking of God’s light to the world. Let us remember to give honor to our past, while visioning and dreaming for the future. Many amazing things have come out of this church, are you as excited as I am to see what will happen next? With God, all things are possible.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Tim