Bristol Lutheran Church

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lives of one another and the community. We are small, but we do big things!" 

Thoughts and Prayers

Often when people are facing difficult times, we say our thoughts and prayers are with you.  Now we have a place to reflect on thoughts, prayers, and faith questions as lives intersect with church and we engage with God in the world.

Across Borders

Borders are all around us.  Fences between yards.  Gated communities.  Moats around castles.  Boundaries are good because they offer protection and safety, define space and keep your dog in the yard.  But sometimes we fight so hard to put up literal and figurative walls around us, that we forget what God is telling us to do as Church.

What message is sent by the way we define boundaries? 

Borders between countries, like US and Mexico or Palestine and Israel, say “Keep Out!”  But between other countries, like Netherlands and Belgium, we might hear “Welcome!”

As I write this, 300 plus protests are being organized to keep illegal immigrants out of our country.  While this is a political issue, it spills over into the Church and helps us think about how we act and respond as disciples of Jesus.  These issues are often difficult to discern, with no clear cut answer, but we listen to one another, and to God.

Jesus says come to me, all who are weary and I will give you rest.
Paul says our job is to share the burdens of others. Paul proclaims that in Christ there is no Jew or Greek, but we are all one in Christ. God promises that we are all loved and welcome.

Maybe instead of fighting and protesting out of fear, we can find middle ground and attitudes of respect, acceptance, hospitality, grace, and unity.  Maybe we can use means of communion, baptism, anointing, prayer, and accompaniment across borders.  Maybe our identity as children of God carries more weight than our nationality.  Maybe we are all immigrants, all trying to find an opportunity and place.

Boundaries can be good, but God’s work always transcends across borders, breaking them down along the way.

God’s peace,

Pastor Rick