Bristol Lutheran Church
6835 North Hwy N
Sun Prairie, WI 53590


Worship:      Wednesday Night @ 6:30 PM        Sunday Morning @ 9 AM


 During Lent, we are meeting at 5:30 PM for Soup Supper on   Wednesday evenings before service. Please join us for dinner!

"Inspired by the Gospel, we love and serve creation through our Christ-centered community."

Worship with the community!
Wednesday Night @ 6:30 PM
Sunday Morning @ 9 AM

Bristol Lutheran Church is located 12 miles from the Wisconsin state capitol building in Madison. We are a Christian church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) who welcomes everyone to come for worship and fellowship. 

Bristol is a welcoming, giving, family-centered, congregation invested in the lives of one another and the community. We are small, but we do big things!

We are driven to take God's gifts and to give back to the community through raising money for charity, helping serve the Sun Prairie community by volunteering at Sunshine Supper, Food Pantry, Adopt A Highway, and other community and global charities.

We are a community of people who care, who worship God, and have the desire to spread hope throughout our community, especially to those who are grieving, going through hard times, or looking to renew the spark in life.

All are welcome...
what does that really mean
That phrase is used so often, especially as churches seek to be open and affirming to everyone.  It also is a hard message to live out as our prejudice, stereotypes, and sin cloud who we seek to become as a congregation, and as the Church. But as we hope to see each other with the eyes of Christ, we strive to welcome all.  We are all children of God, who deserve to hear Christ's promise of grace, love, and forgiveness for all people. 

You are invited to join us in our faith journey. 

If you are searching for a worshiping community, you are a welcomed person in this place.  Whether you are young or old, your voice is an important reminder of life.  
We welcome all faiths, all race, all cultural backgrounds, all searching, all curious people. If you are LGBTQ, you are blessed here.  
If you are rich or poor, you have gifts to share.  
Regardless of your denomination or your affiliation, we are all one Church saved by Grace.   
If you sing well, or cannot carry a tune, you can still praise God.  
If you are disabled or speak a different language, we will do ministry together.
 Everyone is welcome to worship and all are welcome to the communion table.  
We are the church, let's do church together!

Check out the Worship page for
 updates and special services.